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Сайт: http://YPDNS.com

YPDNS is a web based DNS management tool. Using YPDNS you can easily manage your dns records.

You can use it for free with some restrictions* or you can upgrade your account to premium level.

YPDNS provides true redundant, geographically distributed DNS hosting.

* free accounts can manage up to 10 domains and cannot use premium features.

Base features list:

  • Fast and easy setup process.
  • Web based management interface.
  • Tools for checks the availability of a name server.
  • SPF records generation tools.
  • 5 name servers scattered around the world.
  • Template based zones generation with pre-defined templates.
  • Ability to manage primary and secondary DNS zones.
  • Ability to manage forward and reverse DNS zones.
  • Supports NS, A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, TXT, PTR and SRV record types.
  • Management of SOA settings at client and zone level.
  • Ability to backup DNS zones at client and zone level.

Premium features:

  • DNS Round Robin Support for load balancing.
  • Ability to create your own zone templates.
  • Increase in quantity of the managed zones.
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